Air Handlers
The comfort of a home or building depends on how warm or cold the building is, as well as how pure the air is.

In a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system a single unit can make all the difference in temperature, humidity and air quality. This unit is the air handler.

Air handlers may need to provide heating, cooling, or both to change the supply air temperature, and humidity level depending on the location and the application.

Let ENG Heating & Cooling provide you with the proper air circulation solution for your total home comfort!
Hyperion™ XL

Air Handler

Helping to circulate better air, the Hyperion™ air handler is built unlike anything the market has ever seen. For one thing, it’s constructed more like a refrigerator, with insulation between the double walls of the uniquely designed cabinet....
Hyperion™ XR

Air Handler

Built with a multi-speed blower for quieter performance, the Hyperion XR helps your
Trane matched system deliver impressive efficiency all year long....
Hyperion™ XB

Air Handler

As part of a matched system, the durable Hyperion XB meets or exceeds all standard
energy requirements, and Trane’s high standards for reliability.....
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