Maintenance Tips
Seasonal Maintenance

Call ENG Heating to set up a maintenance call before the heating or cooling seasons kick in. You’ll rest comfortably
knowing there won’t be a furnace failure on the first 15 degree night! We also recommend a check for your outdoor unit
in the spring - our winter season can be rough on the outdoor units and regular checks can really help extend lifespan.
One of the easiest and most important things to remember come spring - remove your outdoor unit cover if you use
one.  Running a heat pump or condenser with a cover on will cause system failure.

Air Conditioners

Never run your air conditioning when the outside temperature is below 60 degrees.  This may cause the coils to frost
up, restricting air flow.  By using ceiling fans, you can circulate the cool air quicker and help out your air conditioning unit. 
Move drapes, plants and furniture away from vents so the air can flow freely to reach more area.  If you have any doubts
about the efficiency or effectiveness of your air conditioner, have it inspected by one of our

Filter Replacement

It's always a good idea to check the manufacturers recommendations, but it is generally recommended that filters are
changed every month a system is in use. Dirty filters slow airflow causing energy loss and higher costs. Overly dirty
filters can damage the motor or eventually lead to a system failure.  Remove and replace your filter with another of the
same size.

Forced Air DIY Maintenance Tips

Make sure there is no power to the system. Open the furnace and vacuum any dust from the blower compartment. It’s
also a good idea to lubricate motor and fan bearings and make sure the fan belt is in good condition.

• Clear the furnace area to promote airflow and reduce home fire hazards.
• Make sure registers and air intakes are clean and not blocked by furniture or other items. Vacuum them
   occasionally to make sure air is flowing freely.
• Don’t forget to reverse ceiling fans in the colder months. This pushes warmer air down from the ceiling. Keep
   the setting on low to avoid the chill of air motion.
• If you ever hear anything unusual, power down and call for service. In many cases, we may be able to head off
   the problem before your system becomes more seriously damaged or fails.


If your thermostat is blank and has no display, you may need to change the batteries.  Just pull the face of the
thermostat off and install new batteries.  Replace the face back on the wall and turn the thermostat on.  If there is still no
display, the problem could be with the wiring or the unit.  Contact us for a service call if your thermostat continues to
stay blank.
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